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About Our Company

Metamorphosis Women's Encounter Inc. was founded January 2010 with the purpose to inspire creativity, complete beauty, and to build positive relationships in an honest and caring environment.  As of 2013, Metamorphosis Women’s Encounter Inc. expanded into a 501c (3) nonprofit organization created to transform the lives of women through a total makeover experience to enhance the mind, body, and spirit to provoke a chain reaction of growth in our families and in our community.  MWE Inc. uses personal triumphs women share by telling their story to change the lives of other women through our empowerment workshops, fitness boot camps, and makeover events.  MWE Inc. has contributed makeover coaching, beauty items, and personal hygiene supplies to various charitable organizations such as Rethreaded, PACE Center for Girls, City Rescue Mission, Community Connections, and Hubbard House all in Jacksonville, FL.  MWE Inc. is striving to partner with as many women’s associations to provide our makeover program to assist in developing women in addition to what the current center is offering.  We want to make a mark in the lives of women and teen girls in the community that will impact them for a lifetime. We enforce confidence, strength, endurance, beauty, health and wellness,  and support.
















Monique J. Rogers is a US Navy Veteran who was born and raised in Houston, Texas however has been living in Jacksonville, FL for over 24 yrs. She has accomplished many of her goals, strengthened her skills, and has become a valuable member of her community all while holding the honor of being a wife for 20 years and mother of 4 children. Her accomplishments include but not limited to earning her bachelor’s Degree in business management at the University of Phoenix, her role as a community leader advocating for unity and change, a facilitator of Personal Growth and Develop workshops, a member of Toastmasters International, Co-Chair for Women In Network with CIT Bank, and she’s also an inspirational speaker with an award winning speech called “Fighting Forward”, a story birth in pain which transformed into purpose. Monique founded a nonprofit organization, Metamorphosis Women’s Encounter Inc. (MWE) with a mission to empower women and teen girls to reach their full potential. She also believes in paying kindness forward and in her spare time she loves to create beautiful experiences with her family and friends. Monique has truly morphed into a beautiful butterfly and wants to influence hope into action with everyone she encounters.

Monica Collins considers Jacksonville, Florida home having resided there since the age of two years. She graduated from the University of North Florida in 2014 with two bachelors of business administration degrees in business management and marketing. While in college Monica served on numerous boards of student organizations. During her roles as President, Vice President and project manager she made many connections in the Jacksonville business community. She gained lots of experience planning, coordinating and executing events, fundraising, marketing and leading in general. She has recently joined the board of directors for Metamorphosis Women’s Encounter Inc. and she will utilize her marketing experience to draw more volunteers/supporters to the organization’s cause.

Monica is now the internal controls specialist at CIT, a firm in the leasing and finance industry. She’s a fitness enthusiast and enjoys travelling the world and serving with her church in her spare time. She is also very passionate about encouraging and motivating young girls and helping them prepare for their professional careers.

Kalica R. Lee is a successful loan consultant with Computershare in which she has been in the mortgage industry for 13 years. She has studied at Florida State Community College at Jacksonville majoring Finance. Kalica is also a finance coach using her financial background and experience to educate and empower the community on money matters, credit education, interest rates, life insurance plans, and planning for the future. Kalica is also dedicated to the community in which she lives in. She has volunteered with numerous organizations to assist with the homeless and also works to provide financial literacy to our underserved communities. Kalica is also on the board of Metamorphosis Women's Encounter, an organization created to build confidence, inspire and motivate women and teen girls in our community. Kalica is a wife of over 17 years, mother to 4 beautiful children and friend to many.
















Board of Director

Zafria Bailey is an experienced outpatient mental health therapist intern with two prestigious

community health organizations in Jacksonville FL. She was born and raised in Jacksonville , FL where she also raised her two children ages 13 and 22 with her husband of 16 years. In 2008, ZaFria graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of North Florida and went on to obtain her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Capella University in 2018. ZaFria’s passion for mental wellness goes far beyond the surface of a therapist. She is also the writer and the creator of “The Jolt in Your Veins” a blog detailing her experience and challenges to maintain mental wellness while discovering your life’s purpose.

When Zafria is not in the therapist chair, you can find her enjoying national theme parks, exploring nature trails or spending time with family and friends.


















Board of Director

Paulina Bain is a, wife to Bj, mother of four, instructor to many, and proud owner of Bring The Bain. 

My passion is to inspire people to be fit and feel healthy in their own body. I love to be involved in our community, to teach our younger generation things I wish I was taught. On the board I will be responsible for fundraising and ensuring we continue to thrive with community engagement. Being part of G.L.O.W. is an honor and I'm grateful to be leading our next generation to success.

Our Founder & Executive Director
Marketing Director
Mission, Vision, Purpose, & Core Values

Mission:  Collaborating with community partners to transform young women by providing opportunities that will reduce at-risk behaviors and enhance personal growth, prosperity and stability.


Vision:  Empower young women by providing a makeover experience that develops self-confidence, self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-awareness.


Purpose:  Our purpose is to empower women and teen girls by enhancing the mind, body, and spirit to provoke an authentic transformation developing self-confidence, self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-awareness.


Core Values

Communication: Providing methods to strengthen communication skills for young women to advocate for themselves and others


Connection: Use our inner strengths to partner with others to impact change and support each other’s personal growth


Community : Unite in sisterhood to support charities to build stronger communities


Consistency:  Setting the standard for our team and young women to be resilient in achieving goals

Finance Director




"A Confident Woman is Unstoppable, She Creates a Chain Reaction of Possiblities"

~Monique J. Rogers

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