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This program is a 30-day total transformation challenge that focuses strenthening the mind, body and spirit.  Tools and skills will be provided and discussed to promote an authentic transformation.


Charity Hosting 

In effort to support the less fortunate in the community, MWE Inc. partners with other organizations such as: Rethreaded, City Rescue Mission, DieRections, and Hubbard House to name a few to promote thier mission.


MWE Inc. will offer empowerment workshops to educate women in many different areas of life, purpose, family, and career to become more successful in these areas for advancement and overall life enjoyment.  Services include (not limited to:)  Define your beauty (inner/outer beauty), Goal setting, Purpose Driven Life, Family Values, Pursuing your dreams, Fitness and health, Money and Finance, Marriage, Single, widowed or divorced.

Empowerment WORKSHOPS

MWE Inc. has created several programs and workshops to aid in an authentic total transformation. We understand there is more to us women than one part “beauty” and therefore we focus on building the mind, body, and the spirit. We have structured transformation opportunities via our empowerment workshops and programs centered on women’s deepest concerns as it relates to marriage, family, finances, health and fitness, purpose, as well as any other life development challenges. We also focus on paying it forward in our community and we demonstrate this act of kindness by hosting various charity events. MWE Inc. is consistently seeking more opportunities to strengthen women to add value to their families and community.


MWE Inc. signature program called “I am a Metamorphosis” is a 30- day challenge designed to provoke an authentic transformation strengthening the mind, body and spirit with biblical guidance. While it is said that it only takes 21 days to make something a habit, we’re giving you 30 days to make sure that our program is planted deeply into your mental and spiritual soil. This program is created for the woman who feels stuck, confused, and is simply tired of making bad decisions that is causing a downward spiral in her life. She has had Enough and is READY to make a commitment to herself to Change from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet. If you are interested in this program please contact us.


I once heard there is a special place in Hell for a woman who doesn’t pay it forward. Well that is not a place I desire to be! MWE Inc. is committed to giving back to those less fortunate and we host several charity drives and events quarterly. We have hosted a beauty boot camp for Hubbard House, provided Hope Totes for the City Rescue Mission, participated in the Heart Walk, makeovers for Community Connections, and provided beauty bags for the Pace Center for Girls graduates of 2013. If you are interested in partnering with us for our upcoming charity event please contact us.


MWE Inc. serves the mission by providing monthly empowerment workshops to coach women in various areas such as personal development, purpose, family, and career to name a few. We often invite keynote speakers to speak on topics of expertise as it relates to the mission and vision of MWE Inc. In addition, to the workshops we will also add fitness workshops, beauty workshops, makeovers, seminars, webinars, and conferences.


"Signature"  Programs​

MWE Inc. will offer services to coach women how to properly dress for success emphasizing on the do’s and don’ts when dressing for an interview, dressing for work, or any occasion.  We also offer personal makeovers.  See our videos!

MWE Inc. will offer makeup workshops to teach women how to properly apply makeup.  Many women enjoy the look of professional makeup.  One of the main objectives is to build confidence in this area of beauty.

MWE Inc. will conduct fitness boot camps to promote a healthy lifestyle which will produce a more energized life free from sickness and disease.

MWE Inc. will host webinars to educate women in the various empowerment topics. This is ideal for women who may not have time to attend group meetings or workshops.

"The Essence of Natural Beauty"

Wardrobe Makeovers

Makeup Makeovers



Fitness Boot Camps


We. Change. lives







Beauty bags for the graduates of Pace Center for Girls

Define Your Beauty Workshop, September 2013

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