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MWE Spotlight



Shannell Traylor, 31
Jacksonville, Florida


Shannell's Wardrobe Makeover


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I walked away with a renewed self-confidence.....

  I felt very grateful for you taking the time out to show me how to do these things. It really made me feel good inside and to see the look on my husband's face that I have not seen in a while. Also I enjoyed the girl time.  I would recommend this service because this is an awesome service for an transformation from the outside in.  I walked away with a renewed self- confidence and how to be fabulous inside and out. It also may have gotten my husband and I closer. Who knew that clothing can change your whole outlook in life. What I truly enjoyed most was hanging out with you and getting to know you better and learning how to shop for clothes/accessories and then seeing it all comes together. I am grateful for you!

Denean Clark, 48 
Jacksonville, Florida


Define Your Beauty

Workshops and Makeover Experience

Love is always better.....

I enjoyed the first experience because you shared your story with me which put me at ease and open to share myself with you. It's always difficult sharing myself with someone new because I don't always know how I will be received. I felt a bond with you because of your openness. The worksheet was very informative and encouraging. Had I needed a boost it would have served its purpose.  I enjoyed the second class as well because I felt cared for. The fact that you put enough thought into my character to choose things that made me more beautiful. I felt comfortable and unoffended stepping outside of the box to try something different. I had fun dressing up and taking pictures. Very enjoyable homework. My two teenage girls had a blast helping me as well and thought I was beautiful. They have also encouraged me to continue to do so.  The makeover at Hair Pizazz was way more than I expected. I felt pampered and important. It was such an awesome experience because the ladies there treated me like a paying customer and they wanted me to return. I shared a little of my testimony with the young lady who did my makeup and it just seemed that she showed me more love, not sympathy. Love is always better. The artist that created that beautiful hairstyle for me was awesome as well because she sculptured it just for me. I felt totally special. I have sense received a Thank you card from them and an invitation to return with a discount. Can you believe it? They are awesome.  I would definitely recommend that all ladies who are able to take advantage of the experience because it's an opportunity to love yourself and be loved and cared for by others. There is no greater feeling than to be loved and not have to do anything for it but be accepting. Kind of like the way God loves us. We don't do anything to deserve it but He loves us still. Thank you Monique for loving me.  I pray that God blesses you for the love that you showed us and I pray that He continues to Bless you and all of your endeavors. I pray that Metamorphosis sky rockets and becomes immeasurably more than you can ask for or think of, that God opens up the windows of Heaven and pour You out a Blessing you won’t have room to receive. Your heart is big and beautiful, and it fits your outer beauty, I am excited for whomever is in line to be dazzled by you. Have fun and Thank you so much for the experience. I really enjoyed being a 10! LOL


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