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Here's what our guests had to say...


                                                                                                                                                           People will never forget how you made them feel~Maya Angelou

Wow!!! Thank you! Thank You! To Everyone that played a part in putting on such a great event. I have never attended an event that was even close to this. I mean I can not stop thinking about this event. Seriously, when I left last night I dont think i slept to much because I was so excited about how God was placing things together and molding me. When I walked out last night my mind was renewed in so many different aread that I struggled in. My mind just keeps rehearing the inspiration and encouragement that was poured out. It felt great to finally just be me. Everyone at the workshop was uniquely beautiful and that's what struck a cord in my heart. I no longer have to cover who God has made me. I can be me and OWN IT!! This event was just what the doctor ordered. A dose of God+ A bottle Love+ multiple willing hearts= Lives changed! Love you Ladies! And thanks for this women's encounter!

~Arnett Mathis



Last night's event was my first time attending and I really enjoyed myself. The energy was uplifting and positive. The sisterhood was amazing and I was completely impressed. Can't wait for the next event. Thank you, I really needed that.....

~Sonia Townsend


Thank you For Inviting me to such A wonderful event. I look forward to the next one. I was inspired to follow my dreams and transform to a better me. Great messages were delivered

~Asia Diaz


Monique thanks for all of the hard work that you put into this event. I had a great time!

~TaKenya Lampkin


Monique Rogers Thank you so much for inviting me! What an amazing event with some amazing women! I had a wonderful time and can't wait for your next event!
~Staar Fields


Monique, you and your team did a PHENOMENAL job at the event the panelists were awsome and the hospitality was greatly appreciated! I look forward to the next event!

~Sabrina Willis


Monique, I thoroughly enjoyed the event today and am so looking forward to more from Monique Rogers presents Metamorphosis Women's Encounter! I feel that everyone who was in attendance walked away with something valuable and applicable. Great job!

~Tanya Stewart



Awesome event today!! Thank you for the opportunity for exposure. I am blessed to know you and thankful to be a part of your legacy. The panel was awesome!!

~Marla Williams


If you missed MWE's "Be the CEO Woman of Your Life" Panel Discussion today - you missed a life transforming event. The speakers were phenomenal!!! They were encouraging, uplifting, and more importantly they were transparent. The words of life spoken were firm but filled with love. If you're looking to be surrounded by women focused on helping one another to grow into all God has called you to be - you don't want to miss the next event. Be on the lookout and get ready to break your own glass ceiling!

~Michelle Poitier


You are truly an inspiration to all,, continue on your path with many blessings!!!!

~Ahyanna Nakia



 New Look New Life With Trina would like to THANK Monique Rogers for being our guest speaker today! You have inspired all of us to continue to want and DO better. Metamorphosis Women's Encounter has an AWESOME leader and we cant wait to work with you in the near future! TO THE TOP!!!

~Trina Divaa


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